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At Zero Gravity Chairs we have a wide range of indoor and outdoor zero gravity chairs to choose from, as well as anti gravity chair reviews and information. If you are looking where to buy a zero gravity chair then you are in the right place!

What is
Zero Gravity Chair?

Utilizing the same anti-gravity technology initially developed by NASA for astronauts, the 0 gravity chair mimics the position that an astronaut reclines into during takeoff. Distributing the weight evenly across the whole of the chair, the position allows the astronaut to better withstand the forceful increase in gravity while leaving the Earth’s gravitational pull while putting less stress onto their bodies. By assuming this reclined position the astronaut can distribute the stress of lift off across their whole body in a safe manner.

The Zero Gravity Position and the Benefits

The Zero Gravity Position has now been integrated into everyday living in the form of a number of affordable patio furniture products as well as a number of indoor zero gravity lounge chairs, allowing for healthy and rested relaxation whenever it is needed. Regularly promoted by medical experts the Zero Gravity Position is often recommended for those with heart problems since it promotes circulation and reduces the strain put onto the heart and spine. Some of the key health benefits that may be improved using zero gravity reclining chairs are:

Reduction of Pressure upon the spine

Increased blood oxygen levels & circulation

Reduction of strain on the heart

Increased lung capacity and improved respiration

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The Zero Gravity Position

While in a vertical seated position or when standing up, gravity places force upon the spinal column causing the discs in your backbone to compress, this makes the spinal muscles contract in order to assist you in preserving balance and stability. For those of us that suffer from back pain or discomfort, this is often particularly unpleasant and in some cases debilitating.

Whenever gravity is neutralized the muscles are able to relax allowing the spinal discs to return to their regular shape, size and configuration, alleviating irritation as well as any pain or discomfort.

The Zero Gravity Position does exactly this. Through aligning the body’s core with the thighs while lifting the legs higher than or to a similar level of the position of your heart, gravity is neutralized, creating a 120 – 130 degree angular position between the mid-section and the thighs, achieving correct spinal alignment.

Why is it named the Zero Gravity position?

The idea of the zero gravity position first originated with NASA over 20 years ago, NASA’s scientists developed the technology initially to aid astronauts during take-off with the view to reduce as much stress and pressure as possible on the skeletal system. The position is also the natural position into which the body moves when experiencing floating in microgravity conditions such as those experienced when in a spacecraft in orbit.

While leaving the earth’s gravitational pull the reclined position was ideal to position the astronaut in a more suitable manner in which they could distribute their weight evenly across their whole body.

Zero Gravity Chair Health Benefits

Out of all of the many types of outdoor and indoor furniture out there, the ergonomic zero gravity chair is not only comfortable and pleasurable to sit it, it is also renowned for its ability to improve health in some cases making it an easy favorite with those who suffer from a bad back or a heart condition. Take a look below at some of the health benefits that may be improved using zero gravity relaxation.

1Reduction of Pressure upon the spine
The first and most well-known health benefit of the chair is the alleviation of pressure put upon the spine. It is clear that after a long day of standing up or sitting in an upright position that the effects of gravity really can take its toll, compressing the discs of your spinal column, leading to back and muscle pain as you attempt to counteract the force of gravity. Surprisingly many standard mattresses are unable to conform to your body shape, even when lead flat on a bed there are areas of your body that are still subjected to pressure. When using a zero gravity recliner your body is perfectly cradled into a position that distributes your weight evenly across your body and in turn helps your spine to achieve its correct alignment. Once in the zero gravity position the compression of the spine and vertebrae is reduced. Neutralizing the gravitational pressure leads to a neutral body position allowing the discs of the spinal column to recover back to their regular shape and size.
2Increasing of blood oxygen levels & circulation, helping reduce the strain on the heart
When you are in a standing or upright position the heart is always working harder since it is fighting against gravity in an effort to pump blood back to the heart from your lower body. In the zero gravity position your heart is able to pump blood more effortlessly, especially from the legs that are in a raised position to a level similar to, or higher than the heart in a more horizontal body position. Oxygenated blood is working with the force of gravity rather than against it allowing it to flow more quickly and efficiently thanks to the increased circulation.
3Increased lung capacity and improved respiration
The zero gravity reclined position allows pressure upon the spine to be eased, in turn this allows the lungs to become fully expandable as they are giving more space due to the decrease in pressure put upon the diaphragm. As previously mentioned this allows the blood to oxygenate with less effort and over time increase the functionality of the lungs.
4Decreased muscle tension
Throughout the day no matter what we are doing gravity puts pressure upon our lower back, even when sat upright at a desk or when slumped on the sofa. When upright your muscles around the spine are always working to compensate for the compression of the spine caused by the forces of gravity, attempting to keep you balanced. When in the neutral body posture that zero gravity chairs provide, the muscles are freed from the pressure of everyday tasks and able to relax completely helping to allow for the oxygen rich blood to rejuvenate them.
5Increased neck and back relaxation
Divided into three regions the spine naturally has an “S” shaped curve; however this can soon turn into more of a “C” shape over time, especially if you are sat at a desk for long periods throughout the day due to the effects of gravity. A zero gravity chair is designed to support the natural curvature of the spine while removing the pressure from the lower and upper back as well as the neck. The spine of the user is placed in a neutral position as the forces of gravity no longer have any affect upon it, freeing the back and neck from pain and tension.
6Other health benefits of the zero gravity position include:
  • Reduction in joint pressure
  • Promotes Circulation in the legs helping to reducing swelling
  • Help in prevention of conditions such as varicose veins